The Winery Hotel In Stockholm

Today in the places we love to go, we’re visiting The Winery Hotel in Stockholm, the only urban winery boutique hotel in Sweden, and probably in the world.

The hotel has its in-house winemaking in the lobby and a traditional wine estate in Tuscany, and this unique hotel offers a stay or a visit focusing on the craftsmanship of winemaking.

The Winery Hotel in Stockholm
The Winery Hotel in Stockholm

A guided tour of the winery gives you the opportunity to follow the grape’s path from field to bottle. In the hotel foyer, guests are met by our winery’s huge oak barrels and steel vats gleaming behind glass walls.

Wine tastings are organized several times a week and next to the wine bar there are wine vending machines for spontaneous wine tasting whenever you want.

The Winery Hotel in Stockholm

The industrial character of the exterior is contrasted by an interior that is imbued with influences from the rural charm of Tuscany and urban Brooklyn.

The hotel’s interiors are designed to enhance and emphasise the building’s character. The lobby’s huge, airy windows and generous ceiling height of over six metres are combined with carefully selected materials, underlining the industrial elegance of the architecture.

The restaurant Winery Kitchen has food and wine in combination as a specialty.

Here, it is the character of the wine that determines the flavors of the food. The hotel’s second restaurant, the Italian Osteria Gallo Nero, serves Italian flavors in a light and cheerful environment. Even the design of the hotel is inspired by winemaking.

The Winery Hotel in Stockholm
Images by The Winery Hotel in Stockholm