Have you planned to take a Wellness Week next year (or why not every month)?

avenuer wellness week

Spotify launched a Wellness Week in 2021, and renewed the week in 2022. The plan: to take a full week off where the employees could take time off from work and rejuvenate. This decision has had a profound impact on the company’s results and reputation.

As a hard-working small business owner, could you take a full week off to rejuvenate?

Design your own yearly wellness week

Here’s a simple way to do it for your company, too:

  1. Decide it’s a new company policy and stick to that. If you have employees, make sure that they all get the week off.
  2. Plan when would be the best time to take a week off. Many design companies have seasonal sales and deliveries, so it would make sense to insert your wellness week between the high seasons.
  3. Add this to your client contracts. Explain that every year, your team will be off for a full week. Explain why it is necessary, what values it aligns with and what it means for the client.
  4. Automate marketing. During your absence, your marketing still needs to work. One way is to automate it, and make sure that your calendar for meetings is blocked during that time.
  5. Do not start a new project the week previous to the Wellness Week.
  6. Enjoy, and repeat!