Best Social Media Management Tools for Interior Designers (2024 Guide)

One thing is sure – social media marketing is here to stay, and every designer needs to be on the train. To do that effectively, you need to know about the best social media management tools for interior designers. However, which platforms and channels work for your particular firm is quite individual. And, on top of that, the real results actually come from having a solid sales system that works in conjunction with your social media activities.

In this article, we’re discovering the best social media management tools for interior designers, architects, and decor brands. We discuss

  • why you actually need a tool
  • what kind of features you might want to have
  • what are the best tools this year

Why do you need a tool for managing your social media?

Social media management tools are essential for interior designers who want to maximize their online presence.

With the right tool that helps your daily social media marketing management, you will no longer find this a tedious task, but a fun and simple one. Don’t we all love fun and simple? Yes, we do!

The problem with social media as an interior design marketing channel

It takes time. Plain and simple, if you don’t a solid system for your marketing, social media is going to take a lot of time, and unfortunately, making it the last priority for busy designers.

The other problem is that social media is such a time suck, particularly if you love design. Personally, I can get sucked into the social media vortex and spend hours after hours watching amazing designs, and honestly – cute dog videos too. I justify it as “market research” 😉 Do you, too?

But, with the right tool, you can become very efficient in marketing your business!

You can easily create posts and schedule them in advance, and never really access the platforms. This will make you very productive, and of course, you can then schedule some downtime to catch up on all the good things on your favorite platforms.

You can track your analytics, and quickly respond to customer inquiries. You can also use the tool to monitor trends in your industry, find influencers and partners, and collaborate with other interior design professionals.

Having a tool like this allows you to focus on what matters most – creating beautiful designs that will attract customers, communicate your message, and build your brand.

To summarize – the reasons for using social media tools to manage your interior design marketing

  • it saves you time – one place to manage all your posts
  • saves you money – no need to hire an agency
  • improves brand visibility – the only marketing that works is the one that gets done
  • keeps you organized – easy to plan your posts
  • allows you to automate – you can create many posts at once and auto-publish them
  • allows you to reuse your materials – no need to create new materials every day
  • keeps your hashtags and links in one place – have a consequent system for using hashtags and links

What kind of features do you want to have?

The most important features of a social media management tool are scheduling capabilities, analytics dashboards, content curation options, and collaboration tools.

  • Scheduling capabilities make it easier for businesses to plan out their content across multiple platforms in advance.
  • Analytics dashboards provide insights into how well campaigns are performing and what changes need to be made for improvement.
  • Content curation options enable businesses to easily find relevant content that resonates with their target audience.
  • And collaboration tools allow teams to work together on projects in real time from anywhere in the world.

Lastly, one of the key features I believe in is the ability to handle all your social media from one place. So, check the platforms they connect you with – if you want to use omnichannel marketing, you need to be visible on several platforms. Having a tool that can handle all channels from one place is essential!

The best Social Media Management Tools for Interior Designers and decor brands in 2023

Let’s cover the best tools for managing your social media accounts.

Later – from $15 / month (annual plan)

Later is a great social media management tool connecting every major social media platform. They are the makers of Link In Bio (you have most likely seen that feature on Instagram?)

What is link in bio?

Instagram has always been notoriously bad at providing linking opportunities, which of course, from the business point of view is bad. We want to use social media to generate leads and prospects, so linking from social media to your website, services, products, or lead agents, is important. This feature allows you to link every post to a specific URL, which is a great function!

link in bio
Link in bio using

You can also:

  • schedule your posts to be published later
  • see an overview of how your post will look in the Instagram grid (great for your branding!)
  • schedule reels
  • store and reuse captions and hashtags
  • connect to your Shopify shop
  • and more!

Later is my personal favorite.

Planoly from $11.25 / month (annual plan)

Planoly is a favorite among many creators, particularly those using Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest to market their brands. With a simple and user-friendly interface, Planoly makes scheduling posts to Instagram simple and fun. It also offers a feature to store hashtags and add them to posts easily.

The features are very similar to

planoly social planner
Planoly has a simple and clean planning interface

Plann – from $12 / month (annual plan)

Plann helps make social media planning, and analytics easy to handle for interior designers. It also integrates with which makes your post creation an easy task! Plann also has a built-in image enhancer. The app has a free version that allows one user to post a maximum of 30 posts a month on Instagram, making this a great tool to get started with if you’re on a tight budget.

plannthat image editing tools
Plann image editor allows you to create a standout grid with stunning image filters, overlays, borders, and text overlay tools all in one beautiful place.

Speaking of…

Canva – from $9.99 / month (annual plan)

Canva also has its own social media planner and publishing tool! This is great news in case you too use Canva for all things creative in your business. This is a premium feature but given that you most likely already use Canva for creating all your marketing materials, you should have a look at their simple but powerful publishing feature!

I think Canva publishing tool is a great tool for any small business, but it doesn’t have the same features as the other tools I have covered so far.

canva social media planner
Canva social media planner is very easy to use. You can publish your images directly from your Canva account.

Tailwind – from $10.39 / month (annual plan)

This clever tool is using AI to help you create captions for your posts! It calls it the Ghost Writer, and it writes posts for you. This is an exciting option in case you struggle to come up with posts.

Tailwind only connects with Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook, but this is a great option in case you’re looking for some AI help to create posts on the go!

What’s your choice?

Essentially, all tools do basically the same – help you manage your social media. Whichever you choose, remember that social media alone is seldom the end goal – you also need proper lead generation, email marketing, advertising, PR, and a publicity plan to grow your business. Not to mention a solid sales system!

But, if you’re looking to level up your social media marketing this year, you should test some of these tools!

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