Professional Organizations For Interior Designers And Brands – Global List

There are many professional organizations for interior designers around the world.

Joining a professional organization can provide interior designers and brand owners with many benefits, including networking opportunities, access to resources and education, and industry recognition.

Professional Organizations For Interior Designers – Global List 1
Professional Organizations For Interior Designers – Global List
  • Networking opportunities: Professional organizations offer opportunities to connect with other interior designers, industry professionals, and potential clients. This can lead to new business opportunities, partnerships, and collaborations.
  • Access to resources and education: Many professional organizations offer resources such as industry research, design tools, and continuing education opportunities. This can help interior designers stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques in the industry.
  • Industry recognition: Membership in a professional organization can demonstrate a commitment to the industry and a dedication to professional excellence. This can lead to increased credibility and recognition within the industry.
  • Advocacy and support: Professional organizations can advocate for the interests of interior designers and provide support through legal and regulatory issues.
  • Discounts and perks: Some professional organizations offer discounts on products and services, such as insurance, software, and office supplies.

Overall, joining a professional organization can provide interior designers with valuable resources, connections, and opportunities for professional growth and development.

Here’s a list of the most well-known professionals organizations for interior designers:


  • International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI): IFI is a global organization representing the interests of professional interior architects/designers worldwide. It serves as a platform for exchange, advocacy, and knowledge sharing among interior design professionals.
  • International Interior Design Association (IIDA): While primarily based in the USA, IIDA is an international organization with a global network of members. It focuses on advancing the interior design profession and supports interior designers worldwide through education, networking, and resources.
  • World Design Organization (WDO): Formerly known as the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID), WDO is a global organization that promotes the value of design in various disciplines, including interior design. It brings together designers, design organizations, and institutions from around the world.


  • American Society of Interior Designers (ASID)
  • International Interior Design Association (IIDA)
  • National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA)
  • Interior Designers of Canada (IDC)
  • Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA)
  • Interior Design Educators Council (IDEC)
  • National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ)
  • American Institute of Architects (AIA)
  • International Furnishings and Design Association (IFDA)
  • National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)


  • Interior Designers of Canada (IDC)
  • Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario (ARIDO)
  • Interior Designers Institute of British Columbia (IDIBC)
  • Interior Designers of Alberta (IDA)
  • Interior Designers’ Association of Saskatchewan (IDAS)
  • Interior Designers’ Association of Manitoba (IDAM)
  • Interior Designers’ Association of Nova Scotia (IDANS)
  • Interior Designers of New Brunswick (IDNB)
  • Interior Designers of Newfoundland and Labrador (IDNL)
  • Interior Designers of Prince Edward Island (IDPEI)


  • Interior Design Associations Network (IDAN)
  • British Institute of Interior Design (BIID)
  • German Association of Interior Designers (BDIA)
  • International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI)
  • Association of Danish Interior Designers (SBD)
  • Finnish Association of Interior Architects (SIO)
  • Society of British and International Design (SBID)
  • Association of Dutch Designers (BNO)
  • Italian Association of Interior Designers (ADI)
  • French National Council of Interior Architects (CFAI)


  • South African Institute of Interior Design Professions (IID)
  • Interior Designers Association of Nigeria (IDAN)
  • Ghana Interior Designers Association (GIDA)
  • Association of Professional Interior Designers (APID) – Egypt
  • Zimbabwe Institute of Interior Designers (ZIID)
  • Interior Designers Association of Kenya (IDAK)
  • Interior Designers Institute of Malawi (IDIM)
  • Association of Mozambican Architects and Designers (AMAD)
  • Interior Designers Association of Tanzania (IDAT)
  • Uganda Society of Interior Designers (USID)


  • Japan Society of Interior Architects/Designers (JSIAD)
  • Interior Design Confederation Singapore (IDCS)
  • Hong Kong Interior Design Association (HKIDA)
  • Interior Design Association of Thailand (IDA Thailand)
  • Association of Interior Designers of India (AIDI)
  • Malaysia Institute of Interior Designers (MIID)
  • Association of Interior Designers and Decorators of the Philippines (AIDDP) –
  • Korean Institute of Interior Design (KIID)
  • Interior Designers Association of Bangladesh (IDAB)
  • Interior Designers Association of Sri Lanka (IDASL)


Middle East

  • Emirates Interior Designers Association (EIDA) – UAE:
  • Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE) – Saudi Arabia:
  • Kuwait Engineers Society (KES) – Kuwait:
  • Bahrain Society of Engineers (BSE) – Bahrain:
  • Qatar Green Building Council (QGBC) – Qatar:
  • Lebanese Interior Design Syndicate (LIDS) – Lebanon:
  • Jordan Society of Architects (JSA) – Jordan:
  • Egyptian Interior Design Syndicate (EIDS) – Egypt:
  • Oman Society of Architects (OSA) – Oman:
  • Association of Professional Interior Designers (APID) – UAE:

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, and there may be other regional or specialized organizations for interior designers within each country.

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How To Choose The Right Professional Organizations For Interior Designers?

Choosing the right professional organization for interior designers can be a daunting task, but there are several factors to consider when making a decision:

  • Relevance: Look for organizations that are relevant to your specific area of expertise within interior design. For example, if you specialize in kitchen and bath design, the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) may be a good fit.
  • Reputation: Research the reputation of the organization to ensure that it is respected within the industry and has a good track record of supporting its members.
  • Membership benefits: Consider the benefits that the organization offers, such as networking opportunities, access to resources and education, and industry recognition.
  • Membership requirements: Review the membership requirements to ensure that you meet the qualifications and that the organization is a good fit for your career goals.
  • Cost: Consider the cost of membership and whether the benefits justify the expense.
  • Geographic location: Look for organizations that have a strong presence in your geographic location or in areas where you do business.
  • Diversity and inclusion: Consider whether the organization values diversity and inclusion and whether it aligns with your personal values and beliefs.

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