STOCKHOLM Brand & Business Suite (save over 70%)

68 $

Elevate your business with this client experience package

What is a Brand & Business Suite?

The brand & business suite is a complete package of materials you use in your marketing, sales, onboarding, and offboarding processes. A well-designed client welcome package consists of a portfolio, project and studio guides and more. As a premium service provider, you use all these templates at the different stages of your client experience.

You can use the investment guide, brand book, branded magazine, media kit, social media, and more at every stage of your client attraction and sales.

A professional Brand & Business Suite will elevate your client experience and delight & impress your clients.

What’s in this suite:

  • Brand Book Template (normal price $19)
  • Investment Guide Template (normal price $19)
  • Portfolio Template (normal price $19)
  • Proposal Template (normal price $19)
  • Client Welcome Pack (normal price $19)
  • Project Guide & Studio FAQ Template (normal price $29)
  • Project Summary Template (normal price $19)
  • Media Kit Template (3 pcs) (normal price $19)
  • Social Media Templates (normal price $19)
  • Business Card Templates (normal price $19)
  • Branded Magazine – a 48-page shoppable magazine! (normal price $49, customized would cost you 10k+)
  • +++ more!

Total price $249 – SAVE OVER 70%

  • Suits all premium service/product businesses
  • Easy to edit with (free tool)
  • Save tens of thousands on graphic design fees – Get your 100% customizable templates your can start to use immediately

Simple and Professional

  • No graphic designers or skills are required
  • No monthly fees or expensive software is needed
  • Fully customizable templates with simple instructions
  • Developed by a Swedish business growth consultancy specializing in interior design


  • 50+ color palettes to choose from – give your brand a makeover!
  • Training -> learn where to use these assets to level up your business!


Change all elements to match your brand aesthetics

With a free Canva account, you can edit and download templates directly from your PC, iPad, and phone.

  • Canva is a free tool you can use to edit all your templates
  • Very simple to use – no design skills needed!
  • We’ve created instructions you can watch as many times as you need
  • Change language, fonts, colors, and copy to match your business
  • Add your logo and images and start using them directly!

How to receive the product?

As soon as you have completed your purchase, you will get access to the download information. You will also get a receipt with a download link. Kindly wait for about 20 minutes and if still no luck, check the spam folder.

If still no luck, send an email to!


STOCKHOLM brand business suite templates
STOCKHOLM Brand & Business Suite (save over 70%)
68 $