The new client inquiry assets you need to sell effectively

Is your website attracting lots of potential clients? Great!

Do you have the essential assets to turn those prospects into customers and clients, or does the effective client journey stop here? Maybe you are missing some essential new client inquiry assets on your website…

Let’s discover

  • what are the new client inquiry assets you need
  • how you can make sure the right customers receive the assets
  • why you need new client inquiry assets in the first place
New client inquiry assets
New client inquiry assets

Why do you need new client inquiry assets?

The simple answer to why you need new client inquiry assets is this: you want to be prepared, always.

You want to have the assets, i.e. materials ready for inquiries at all times, so you don’t create a bottleneck in your sales process.

You also want to have some of these assets ready on the website, so the people who found you through your marketing activities can easily get access to these assets.

Lastly, you want to be sure that all your new, and previous, clients get the same experience from the start of your journey together. This will help you start the client experience in the right manner, making your projects run smoothly at all stages.

What kind of new client inquiry assets do you need?

Depending on your business, you need different assets. However, there are some assets that every business should have. One of these assets is your Brand Book.

Brand Book

A brand book is a representation of your brand and business. This is critical because while it’s important to have a website where people can find out about your work, not all people, and particularly, not all times, can or want to access your website.

You should also add your brand as a PDF to your website, and print it to be able to share it in your store, office, at meetings, tradeshows, and everywhere you meet potential clients and partners.

A brand Book is more important than business cards, you should always have a brand book available, both in PDF and the printed version.


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Investment Guide

The Investment Guide is your asset to showcase your work, but also how you work, what kind of packages you offer, what’s the pricing, and more important details about your services and products.

The difference between the Brand Guide and Investment Guide is this: The Investment Guide is designed to be a pre-sales asset, whereas your Brand Book is a marketing asset. They are used at different stages of your buyer journey.

Remember: your potential clients might have no previous experience in working with a company like yours. This means that they don’t know how it works! Or, they just don’t know how your business works. This might also reflect in the answers you get when you start your onboarding. That’s why you need to have an investment guide that you can allow them to read before they apply for a consultation.


All client projects should start with collecting details about your future customers. This needs to happen before you agree to deliver your service. You use this to segment the buyers, and weed out the non-buyers, so you don’t need to spend time with ones who are not going to buy.

  • What do you need to know about your clients in advance?
  • What kind of details do you need to know about their budgets and timelines?

Having a great design client intake form makes your onboarding process professional, and don’t forget to make it a bit fun too!

You should use an online tool for this purpose, my recommendation is Paperform.

Online Calendar

If you sell anything that requires meetings, then an online calendar app is an important tool for you. Having a tool for easy scheduling allows you to publish your available hours online, and your clients to book those hours that work for them, all without sending emails back and forth.

My favorite online calendar tool is Harmonizely.


The crème de la crème of your client onboarding is to have video instructions on your website. These short videos will introduce you and your team to the potential buyer, allowing them to build an emotional connection with you even before they inquire to work with you and your team.

These videos don’t have to be complex, and NOPE, you don’t need to have a full Hollywood production crew to make your video. You simply record a 3-6 minute video or a few that explain your working process.

Then again, if you want to go all-in with videos, you can keep creating short or long ones and distribute them on your website, social media, and wherever your potential clients hang out.

How can you create the new client inquiry assets?

First, you need to map out how you want your new client inquiry process to look. Then have a look at what materials you have available. If you don’t have these materials, then you should hurry up and create them. Lastly, figure out what technologies you need to deliver your assets seamlessly so you can have a great client experience from the start with no bottlenecks.

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