Make powerful invitations – 5 steps to premium interior design clients anytime you want

One thing that truly separates premium brands from mainstream ones is the confidence to invite prospective clients to do business with them. You see, a premium brand stands strong in its value, knows how they help people – and has no problems inviting the right people to invest in the value.

In this article, I will show you how to make Powerful Invitations to get all the customers anytime you want, using marketing tactics such as social media, advertising, search, PR, and outreach.

What is a Power Invitation™?

Clients are the lifeblood of any business. They provide the revenue and profit that keep a company going. It is important to understand how to attract clients, and then how to keep them coming back for more.

There are many ways to get clients, but it is important to know which methods will work best for your business model.

Some businesses rely on word-of-mouth advertising while others rely on social media. However, if you lack the ability to make Powerful Invitations to your future customers, the only thing you will gain is a lot of likes and followers, but no sales. That’s why, any business needs to prioritize building the Sales System first, before activating large-scale marking machinery.

A Power Invitation™ is the mechanism that brings you paying customers. It is a mechanism that helps your customers to come to the conclusion that working with you or buying from you is the best, logical next step to do. And, it automates the delivery of the key elements of your sales process.

So, it’s essentially the part of your sales and marketing system that you use to sell with confidence, remove fear and discomfort from your sales conversations, and enroll people into your services like a pro.

How to build the Power Invitation™?

Building your Power Invitation™ requires you to define the invite you use to get the person to raise their hands and ask you to solve their problem for good.

When you have a solid method for inviting people to work with you, you will remove your emotions from the sales process, which in turn will make you more confident and professional.

Decide what you sell

Before you build the mechanism for making Powerful Invitations, you need to know what you are selling. Not just to know that you sell interior design, architecture, photography, staging, or construction services, but truly know what service or product you aim to sell in your Power Invitation™.

Decide how you sell

The second step is to decide how you sell it. Depending on your price point, service type, or product, your sales process is going to look different. So, if you sell high-end luxury services, as most interior design professionals do, you most likely sell the service in a face-to-face conversation, either via phone, Zoom, or at the premises of your new client. Now the question is: where do you want to invite the prospective customer to?

Let’s say you sell in a sales call. Your goal with the Power Invitation™ is to invite the person to the call with you.

But, you don’t want to have just any call, you want to be sure that the call you’re about to have is going to be about working together. This means you need to frame the call correctly and invite the right people into the call.

The anatomy of a Power Invitation by Avenue Method™
The anatomy of a Power Invitation by Avenue Method™

The Anatomy of a Power Invitation™

The Power Invitation™ structure consists of the following important elements.

Consistent traffic

The goal of your marketing is to get consistent traffic to your Power Invitation™. There are tons of ways to get traffic, and social media plays a big part in it. But, social media is by far not the only way to get traffic to your business.

Some businesses use direct outreach, and some others rely on search traffic. The best way to generate traffic is a combination of organic search, social, direct outreach, and advertising.

However, when building your Power Invitation™, you should not start with the traffic, that is actually the last element you build.

Clear message

The more clear and specific you are with your marketing, the easier you have to attract the right type of customers. Design a clear message that you use in all your marketing, and use it as the kick-start of your invitation to come over to your ecosystem to learn more about how your firm can solve the customer’s pain and problem.

Your clear message should contain what you do, for whom, and why they should care, ie what’s the real value of your services.

Specific promise

Your promise works together with your clear message to invite the right person to raise their hands to learn about your special methodology to get their problem solved.

Of course, you need to know what the real problem is, and many times, it’s not the most evident problem. That’s why you need to spend time investigating your target audience to truly understand what drives them to buy a service or product like yours. 

Furthermore, when used as a part of your sales and marketing system, often to generate leads for your business, you should also be clear about what your audience will get if they choose to engage in your offer.

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Simple mechanism

How do you fulfill the specific promise to your customer?

  • Do you offer a simple, 12 minutes video where you explain exactly how your methodology, system, service, or product solves the problem for your customer?
  • Do you offer a simple, step-by-step guide for solving the problem?

The first thing to deliver is your specific promise.

But, your mechanism doesn’t stop there! Your goal is to get the sales call booked. What do you need to provide to get the call booked? Maybe, you need to add an online calendar so that the person can easily book a short consultation with your team. Maybe, you want the person to come to your showroom for a demonstration?

That could be the next step, and you want the prospective customer to instantly understand how they can take the next step with you.

Sales enabling environment

The key to designing a sales-enabling environment is to design a process that covers what happens before, during, and after your sales event.

What happens after the call is on your calendar?

Well, you might want to know more about the prospective client. Maybe, you need to collect some information about their project, budget, timeline, and desires. You could use a questionnaire that is sent automatically after the call has been confirmed.

What’s your own pre-qualification process?

Do you want to take any calls, or do you need to look through the project details before you jump into the call? And finally, what do you need your prospective clients to know about your firm, about your service or product, so that they are prepared and excited about the call?

What happens during the call?

What kind of assets do you need in the call? You might want to create a presentation that is easy to customize for the particular client, showcasing your specific work methodology and what they can expect.

A few critical parts of your sales call are:

  • introducing your firm and what makes you the best choice for the right clients
  • walkthrough of your process and milestones
  • showing how you make a transformation and focus on every detail that others might miss
  • what the next step is

What happens after the call?

Do you send the proposal or book another call, or maybe a site visit?

Sometimes it makes sense to keep the first call short and focus on getting as much relevant information about the prospective client, to be able to book the project call where you present the full scope of your service. Or, for some firms, there’s only one call and in that call, there will be decisions made and contracts signed.

How to design your signature sales system
How to design your signature sales system

Either way, it’s your sales process and you need to lead your client through it.

Once you have your Power Invitation™ dialed in and working, the remaining part is to get the traffic you need to fill your Sales Engine. This is where different marketing activities become highly important. You might want to consider hiring a marketing agency to grow your interior design or decor business now that the back end of your growth engine is in place.

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