Interior design company names – 200 best names for an Interior design firm

Naming your business is a beast – and unless you decide to go with your own name, it might take a long time before you find a name that suits you! What are the best interior design company names? And should you consider a company or personal brand when deciding the name for your business?

Let’s discuss

  • the do’s and don’ts of naming
  • should you choose a company or personal name?
  • should you use the location in your name?
  • and let’s list 200 name suggestions for your interior design firm!
Interior Design Company Names - 
200 Names to Choose From!
Interior Design Company Names –
200 Names to Choose From!

interior design company names – Company or personal name?

Whether to use a person’s name or a company name for an interior design firm can depend on several factors, such as your personal preferences, your branding strategy, and your long-term goals for the business. Here are some things to consider:

Using a person’s name

  • Personal touch: Using your name in the company name can give your firm a personal touch and make it more approachable to clients who value working with an individual rather than a faceless corporation.
  • Establishing a reputation: If you have already established a reputation in the industry, using your name can help you leverage your personal brand and attract clients who recognize and trust your work.
  • Limited scalability: Using your name can limit the growth potential of your firm if you want to expand beyond a one-person operation. It may be challenging to transition to a more scalable business model with a team of designers if your name is already the brand.

Using a company name

  • Flexibility: A company name can be more flexible and adaptable than a personal name if you plan to expand the business in the future, bring on partners or even sell the business.
  • Brand identity: A well-chosen company name can create a strong brand identity, convey the firm’s mission and values, and differentiate it from competitors.
  • Timeless: A company name can be timeless and not linked to one individual, which can give clients confidence in the longevity of your business.
  • Team inclusiveness: Your team might feel more part of the success story when it’s about the company rather than the leader.

Ultimately, the decision to use a person’s name or a company name is a personal one, and both options can be successful. Whatever you decide, ensure that the name you choose aligns with your branding strategy and helps you achieve your long-term goals for the business.

Do’s and Don’ts of interior design company names

When naming your interior design firm, there are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind. Here are some guidelines to follow:


  1. Do make it memorable: Choose a name that is easy to remember and stands out from the competition.
  2. Do keep it simple: Avoid overly complicated names or spellings that could be confusing or difficult to pronounce.
  3. Do reflect your brand: Choose a name that reflects your company’s mission, values, and personality.
  4. Do research: Conduct thorough research to ensure that the name you choose is not already in use by another company, to avoid legal issues or confusion.
  5. Do check domain name availability: Ensure that the domain name for your firm is available and matches your chosen name. I prefer .com names…


  1. Don’t use generic names: Avoid using generic names that are overused or have little meaning, as they will not differentiate your firm from the competition.
  2. Don’t use inappropriate or offensive language: Choose a name that is appropriate and does not include any offensive language or imagery.
  3. Don’t limit your business: Avoid using a name that may limit your business’s growth or expansion.
  4. Don’t copy others: Avoid copying the name of another company, as this can lead to legal issues and confusion.
  5. Don’t choose a name that is too narrow: Avoid names that are too narrow or specific to a certain type of design, as this can limit the types of clients you can attract.

Should you use a location name?

If you have a local business, it might make sense to use the location as part of your brand name. But, you must consider the long-term impact of your naming choices.


  • Local appeal: Including the name of your city or region can help attract local clients who want to work with a nearby designer.
  • Differentiation: If there are other interior design firms in your area, using a location name can help differentiate your firm and make it stand out.
  • Search engine optimization: Using a location name in your business name and website can help with local search engine optimization (SEO) and improve your chances of appearing in local search results.


  • Limited scope: Including a location name can limit the scope of your business if you plan to expand your services beyond your immediate area.

Ultimately, the decision to include a location name in your interior design firm’s name depends on your business goals and target audience. If you are targeting local clients and want to differentiate your firm from competitors, using a location name can be a good strategy. However, if you have a broader scope and want to appeal to clients outside your immediate area, it may be better to choose a more generic name that reflects your brand and style.

  • Are you 100% you will never move?
  • Or open another location?

If not, then let’s not add your current location to your brand name!

200 Name Suggestions for An Interior Design Firm

I’ve collected 200 names that you can consider! Do you find a name that fits your business?

  1. Aesthetic Interiors
  2. Atmosphere Design Co.
  3. Agave Interiors
  4. A-list Interiors
  5. Allure Interiors
  6. Ambience Interiors
  7. Artisan Interiors
  8. Aura Interiors
  9. Blissful Spaces
  10. Bold Interiors
  11. Bright Nest Design
  12. Bliss Interiors
  13. Brighter Interiors
  14. Charm Interiors
  15. Classy Interiors
  16. Coastal Interiors
  17. Contemporary Interiors
  18. Cosy Interiors
  19. Craft Interiors
  20. Creative Interiors
  21. Cultured Interiors
  22. Curated Interior
  23. Casa Bella Design
  24. Chic Home Interiors
  25. Clean Slate Interiors
  26. Coastal Haven Design
  27. Comfortable Interiors
  28. Contemporary Comforts
  29. Copper & Oak Interiors
  30. Cozy Spaces Design
  31. Creative Habitat
  32. Current & Co. Interiors
  33. Custom Crafted Interiors
  34. Dapper Decor
  35. Daydream Design
  36. Decorated Living
  37. Delightful Dwelling
  38. Design Emporium
  39. Deluxe Interiors
  40. Design Touch Interiors
  41. Dream House Interiors
  42. Distinctive Decor
  43. Dream Interiors
  44. Dwell & Co. Interiors
  45. Eclectic Design Co.
  46. Elite Interiors
  47. Embrace Interiors
  48. Envision Interiors
  49. Essence Interiors
  50. Esteem Interiors
  51. Exquisite Interiors
  52. Eclectic Interiors
  53. Elegant Edge Interiors
  54. Enchanted Interiors
  55. Enriched Interiors
  56. Essential Interiors
  57. Ethereal Interiors
  58. Evergreen Design Co.
  59. Exceptional Interiors
  60. Exclusive Interiors
  61. Expressive Spaces
  62. Fabled Interiors
  63. Flourishing Interiors
  64. Fresh Home Interiors
  65. Functional Interiors
  66. Fusion Interiors
  67. Gilded Interiors
  68. Golden Interiors
  69. Graceful Abode
  70. Grandeur Interiors
  71. Harmony House Design
  72. Haven Interiors
  73. Highline Interiors
  74. Homebound Interiors
  75. Homegrown Interiors
  76. House of Decor
  77. Illuminated Interiors
  78. Impeccable Interiors
  79. Inhabit Interiors
  80. Inner Space Interiors
  81. Inspired Living
  82. Interior Dreams
  83. Interior Muses
  84. Interior Odyssey
  85. Interior Prodigy
  86. Interior Savant
  87. Interior Sensei
  88. Interior Visions
  89. Intricate Interiors
  90. Island Interiors
  91. Ivory Interiors
  92. Juxtaposed Interiors
  93. Kaleidoscope Interiors
  94. Kinetic Interiors
  95. Lavish Living Design
  96. Le Chic Interiors
  97. Liberty Interiors
  98. Light & Airy Interiors
  99. Lively Interiors
  100. Luxe Living Design
  101. Luxurious Living Interiors
  102. Magnificent Interiors
  103. Majestic Interiors
  104. Marbled Interiors
  105. Marvelous Living
  106. Masterful Interiors
  107. Metropolitan Interiors
  108. Modern Muse Design
  109. Modern Nest Design
  110. Modern Rustic Interiors
  111. Mystic Interiors
  112. Nature’s Interiors
  113. Nostalgic Interiors
  114. Nuance Interiors
  115. Ocean Blue Interiors
  116. Organic Interiors
  117. Original Interiors
  118. Pacific Interiors
  119. Palace Interiors
  120. Paradise Interiors
  121. Pearl Interiors
  122. Perfectly Placed Interiors
  123. Plush Interiors
  124. Polished Interiors
  125. Pristine Interiors
  126. Purely Refined Interiors
  127. Refined Nest Design
  128. Refreshed Interiors
  129. Regal Interiors
  130. Relaxing Interiors
  131. Retro Interiors
  132. Rhapsody Interiors
  133. Riverfront Interiors
  134. Rustic Charm Interiors
  135. Serene Interiors
  136. Shabby Chic Interiors
  137. Simply Beautiful Interiors
  138. Sleek Interiors
  139. Soaring Interiors
  140. Solitude Interiors
  141. Something Special Interiors
  142. Sophisticated Interiors
  143. Southern Charm Interiors
  144. Sparkling Interiors
  145. Spirit Interiors
  146. Splendid Interiors
  147. Sterling Interiors
  148. Stillwater Interiors
  149. Stone & Steel Interiors
  150. Striking Interiors
  151. Style Haven Design
  152. Stylish Nest Design
  153. Sublime Interiors
  154. Summerhouse Interiors
  155. Sunny Side Interiors
  156. Sunrays Interiors
  157. Sunset Interiors
  158. Supreme Interiors
  159. Sweet Home Interiors
  160. Symmetry Interiors
  161. Tailored Interiors
  162. Terracotta Interiors
  163. The Interior Company
  164. The Interior Designer
  165. The Interior Firm
  166. The Interior Studio
  167. The Perfect Space Design
  168. The Room Stylist
  169. Timeless Interiors
  170. Tranquil Interiors
  171. Treasured Interiors
  172. Trendsetter Interiors
  173. Tropicana Interiors
  174. True North Interiors
  175. Urban Chic Interiors
  176. Urban Nest Design
  177. Urbane Interiors
  178. Vintage Interiors
  179. Vastu Interiors
  180. Verdant Interiors
  181. Vibrant Interiors
  182. Vintage Chic Interiors
  183. Visionary Interiors
  184. Vogue Interiors
  185. Waterfront Interiors
  186. Wave Interiors
  187. Well-Placed Interiors
  188. Western Interiors
  189. Whimsical Interiors
  190. White Dove Interiors
  191. Wildflower Interiors
  192. Willows Interiors
  193. Windy City Interiors
  194. Wine Country Interiors
  195. Winsome Interiors
  196. Winter Interiors
  197. Wonder Interiors
  198. Woodland Interiors
  199. Worldly Interiors
  200. Zone Interiors

Choosing Interior design company names is hard

Generally, naming a business is hard, but it pays off to think through it a few times before you launch. Of course, you can change it later too, but often it’s quite risky and take a lot of resources.

Here’s a great resource for finding branded domain names: Brand Bucket!

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