What is a downloadable template?

A downloadable template is a ready-made tool that you can use in your business. The templates can be used in your marketing, such as our lead magnets, or in your customer delivery, such as our client experience templates.

What Does The Licence Cover?

TheDesigneur grants each template package purchaser a single-user license. This license applies to all templates purchased on the TheDesigneur website as well as any Bonus Materials that are included in the package. 

This license means exactly as it sounds… You only get to use the template for your business, and the Bonus Materials are only intended to be used by one person (the purchaser). If you wish to use the template or Bonus Materials for additional purposes, you will have to purchase an additional template package from TheDesigneur. 

This license is non-exclusive, meaning that other people will be able to purchase our template packages. 

You also cannot resell, lease, duplicate, license, sub-license, redistribute, or offer the template for free to any third party or marketplace.

What is Canva?

Canva is a free (they also have a premium tier) design tool that you can access online. It’s probably the best thing that ever happened to entrepreneurs… seriously 🙂 You can edit all your templates in the tool, using your computer or mobile, and download all the templates easily when you are done.

And, you can get back to your template, change things, and download a new version anytime. And publish on social media!

TheDesigneur Lead magnets

How do I access the template?

You will get a PDF file with instructions and a simple video of how Canva works. You simply click the link, log in to Canva (or create an account), and start customizing your template. After that, you can print it as a PDF and start using it!

How do I Edit the template?

Editing Canva templates is really easy! You will also get a short video along with your purchase.

How are your courses created?

Our courses are short and actionable pieces of training that you can access anytime you want, anywhere you are (with an Internet connection). We have broken down each course into multiple short sessions (approximately 10-20 min each) so you can watch the instructions and then take action.

Access all courses online!

Can I get help with my course?

YES! You will get access to our online support where you can ask any questions and get answers from us.

Is there a refund?

Unfortunately, no. Since you can download the files immediately and save them on your computer, you can’t return them. But, if you are unhappy with your purchase, send an email and I’m sure we can figure out a way to make you happy!


All our products are inclusive of VAT. If you have a VAT number, you need to type it into the order form at the time of purchase. Your VAT number cannot be added retrospectively. Customers outside the EU VAT zone do not pay for VAT.

More questions?

Send an email to shop@thedesigneur.com