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Break down your service into packages that are easy to sell and easy to buy, to increase your sales. One of the biggest issues customers have when they are looking to buy a service, maybe an interior design or any other service, is that they don’t quite comprehend how it works. As a result, selling services is difficult because, unlike products, you often cannot demonstrate your service.

In this article, we discover

  • why packaging your services is critical
  • how to package your services
  • what are the elements of a well-packaged service

Let’s dive in!

How To Break down your service into packages

One of the key elements of making services easy to sell, and easy to buy, is to package your services into products that are easy to understand, therefore easy to buy.

Break down your service into packages that are easy to sell and easy to buy
Break down your service into packages that are easy to sell and easy to buy

A well-defined service, i.e. productized service, has these elements

Let’s dive into the actual elements that make your service easy to sell and easy to buy.

A Good Name

Create a name that people can request. For example, “VIP design day”. That’s something that your clients can easily remember, talk about, and request. The name should be exciting, alternatively describing.

Again, the “VIP design day” most likely means that you work together for a full day and the clients can expect a VIP experience with your company.

A Clear Scope

It’s defined exactly what’s included, how many revisions, who does what, and so on. This must be clear at the purchase moment. Tips: make your packages so simple that you know, based on your experience, what you should include in this package.

Description of how It Works

How this is a bit tricky because you might not have mapped out your whole process yet. But, now it’s time! Create a process map that describes every step in your delivery process, give each step a name, and most importantly: visualize it! Now you have something your client actually can see.

A Simple Price

You need to be able to set a price for this package. Even if you can’t possibly price the whole project, since it might have so many moving parts, you should be able to price your Essential Offer, the product that you sell at the front end.

A Clear Timeline

When can they expect to get the results? In the package, you should define how long the delivery process is, given the circumstances are right. How many meetings? How many reviews? How long do you need to create the work? Based on that, set a realistic timeline for the project!

How to structure your sales

When you design your sales process, you should focus on selling this package first. It’s called the Essential Offer for a reason: every client needs to purchase this first before they can move on to any other services.

For example, if your Essential Offer is a 90-minute Design Consultation, make it clear that this is the first step they need to take.

Break down your service into packages and make buying easy

The next step is to make buying easy, meaning: they can easily purchase this package on your website.

Add a clear button at the top of our site where it says: “Book a consultation”, or “Start with the VIP design day package”. If you don’t want people to be able to book this without having a call first, then create a simple process for that and put it into your website.

All in all, your website needs to describe and visualize your process and provide clear action steps to that your clients know what to do next if they want to work with you.

What happens after this package?

Now that you have passed the most difficult in business: getting the client to buy the first time, you can easily continue offering several other packages.

My recommendation is that you package all your services into products, but it might be easier to start with one, the Essential Offer.

Once you have figured out how to sell this package, and you have many clients who have purchased your Essential offer, and in most cases, continued to work with you to transform their lives, it’s easier to keep packaging the rest of your services too!

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