Ideas For Home Decor And Wellbeing Brand Ambassador Programs

Being a brand ambassador is a great way to build your personal brand, add an extra revenue stream to your already existing business, or alternatively build a side income. I’m listing some of the most delicious home decor and wellbeing brand ambassador programs you should have a look at in 2024!

Candles and room scents so wonderful you can’t resist them (I can’t)

Sweet Water Decor is a US-based company that creates beautiful home decor, notebooks, textiles, candles, and more.

At Sweet Water Decor, we strive to provide our customers with only the best quality products. Each design is thoroughly tested by our team before made available to our customers.

Melissa – the founder of Sweet Water Decor

Apply to become a brand ambassador here.

Sweet Water Decor Ambassador Program
Sweet Water Decor Ambassador Program. Image by Sweet Water Decor.

Gorgeous furniture and decor from the UK

Ethereal Home Decor is a company that helps our customers transform their living spaces into places that reflect their mood and personality through home decor products. The UK-based online store has a beautiful collection of decor and furniture, all available online and for international shipping!

Apply here to become a brand ambassador.

Best home decor brand ambassador programs
Images by Ethereal Home Decor.

Love organizing? Then this is a great program for you

The Container Store Trade Program is for an architect, designer, professional organizer, home builder, or contractor, who helps clients live in an organized style. This is also a US-based company offering lots of products you can promote.

(with a few million Instagram followers, it wouldn’t hurt to get your images and videos to be featured on their flow. They apparently do a lot of user-generated content.)

Apply for a trade account.

Best home decor brand ambassador programs
Images by The Container Store.

Essential oils programs

If you want to promote essential oils, then you have multiple programs to choose from. Here’s a great list of over 90 programs for essential oil fans.

My favorite is the Hotel Collection, you can join their ambassador program here.

Best home decor brand ambassador programs - hotel collection
Hotel Collection ambassador program. Images by Hotel Collection.

Love printed textiles and wallpapers?

Spoonflower is an online marketplace with an exceptional collection of prints that can be ordered as fabrics and wallpapers. They also have an ambassador program, read more about it here.

Best home decor brand ambassador programs Spoonflower
Spoonflower ambassador program for lovers of print & textiles. Images Spoonflower.

More wallpaper programs

The UK-based family-run online store World of Wallpaper also has an ambassador program, you can check it out here. This is a great program because they stock very interesting wallpaper brands.

Wallpaper ambassador program
Wallpaper ambassador program. Images by World of Wallpaper.

How to become a successful brand ambassador?

If you are considering joining any programs, read this article to learn more about how to become a successful brand ambassador!

Ideas For Home Decor And Wellbeing Brand Ambassador Programs

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