It’s our mission to help design entrepreneurs get the tools & exposure they need to grow their impact, career, and business in design. We do this through education, consulting, showcasing their work on our media properties, and allowing them to contribute to our media channels to get the exposure they need.

  • Are you a designer or an industry pro?
  • Would you like to join our team of contributors, share your expertise, gain links to your business, and build yourself a personal brand in the fabulous industry of interior design?

We are expanding our team with expert contributors, and are looking for a variety of experts who love to write, share their expertise, and become part of the fast-growing, global community of Design Entrepreneurs!

Ideas for articles:

  • design know-how; share your expertise in color, trends, spatial planning, working with design professionals, etc
  • business experience; share your experiences in building a design firm or a brand
  • marketing, sales, operations, legal, etc; share your expertise in business

What you get:

  • a possibility to share your skills and knowhow
  • you can choose the topics, and we edit and SEO it
  • build a profile as an expert in the design industry
  • a link to your blog and/or social profile in the author bio section
  • opportunity to build your media presence with the media ladder technique (you will get the training!)
  • be part of our digital marketing campaigns with global reach

What we get:

  • awesome stories and advice for our readers
  • fantastic new connections in the industry


  • first-hand expertise / experience: you need to work in the industry, either as a practicing designer / architect or a vendor to the design industry
  • good English writing skills: we will optimize your articles for SEO, but you need to be good at writing (no need to be a native English speaker)
  • no purely promotional articles: you can share your expertise but not just promote your services or products. We will link to your website in the author’s bio
  • only original content: yes, please, share your article on social media, but you can’t publish the same article on other sites. We run all articles through plagiarism check
  • your expert bio + image/logo: they will be published on

Promotional Posts

If you’d rather promote your service or product, please get in touch for Media cooperation.

How to apply to become a guest expert

Please use the contact form below. We will review your application and get back to you shortly.