Christiane Lemieux x Richloom Contract

Richloom Contract introduces the exquisite Fiber Heritage collection in collaboration with celebrated interior designer Christiane Lemieux.

This opulent assortment of textiles, tailored for the hospitality sector, seamlessly weaves together the opulent tapestry of historical textile design and contemporary production techniques. Drawing inspiration from a meticulously curated historical archive, as well as intricately crafted fragments and handmade art, this collection showcases timeless and coveted fabrics that have undergone a contemporary reinterpretation, aligning harmoniously with the aesthetics and requisites of modern interior design.

Christiane Lemieux x Richloom Contract
Christiane Lemieux x Richloom Contract

Encompassing a comprehensive array of components, including window dressings, furniture upholstery, bedding ensembles, and accessories, the result is an awe-inspiring selection of enduring and adaptable textile choices ideally suited for establishments such as hotels, restaurants, offices, and other high-traffic environments.

Through Fiber Heritage, designers gain the capacity to infuse their projects with the embracing allure, distinctive personality, and layered intricacy of reimagined textiles, ultimately culminating in spaces that exude both sumptuousness and utility.

Christiane Lemieux

Christiane Lemieux is a prominent Canadian-American interior designer, entrepreneur, and author. She is renowned for her contributions to the world of interior design, particularly her work in creating innovative and stylish home furnishings and decor. Lemieux gained widespread recognition as the founder and former creative director of DwellStudio, a well-known home goods brand that gained popularity for its modern and sophisticated designs.

Her expertise in interior design led her to collaborate with various companies, contributing her creative insights to the development of furniture, textiles, and other home accessories. Lemieux’s design philosophy often emphasizes the fusion of classic elements with contemporary aesthetics, resulting in timeless yet fresh and relevant designs.

Over the years, Lemieux has launched multiple celebrated brands in the design and home decor industry, such as Lemieux & Cie, direct-to-consumer home decor startup The Inside, and the Chicago-based Cloth & Company, a fully customizable furniture company that brings the fast fashion concept to home design using ground-breaking printing technology and an unprecedented online experience.

Christiane Lemieux books

In addition to her work in the design industry, Christiane Lemieux has authored books on interior design and home decor, sharing her knowledge and insights with a broader audience. Her work and influence have contributed to shaping the modern landscape of interior design and home furnishings.

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