design business digitalization

design business digitalization – 3 levels

Tiina Wilén

You most likely also want to become more digital in your business. My clients all want to increase the level ...

steps to Smart Business Automation

3 simple steps to Smart Business Automation

Tiina Wilén

One of the Key Growth Assets we help our customers build is business automation. Let’s cover the 3 simple steps ...

Small Business Digitalization Game Plan

Tiina Wilén

Over the years, I and my team at Avenue have helped many businesses with their digitalization strategy and game plan. ...

Business model innovation for small businesses

Business model innovation for designers & other small businesses

Tiina Wilén

Let’s talk about business model innovation for designers and other small businesses, what it means, and why it is so ...

10 Great Ways To Add Digital Products For Interior Designers

Digital products for interior designers – 13 great ways to add extra revenue streams

Tiina Wilén

How and why to create digital products? In this article, we cover multiple ways to build a passive or semi-passive ...