Business Strategy

We all know design entrepreneurship is 80% business and 20% design. This is the 80%.

How to start an interior design business

How to start an interior design business – 5 simple steps (and things you don’t need)

Tiina Wilén

Are you looking to start an interior design business? Great, you're in for an amazing journey! In this article, we discover the most efficient way to launch your interior design business and get it off the ground fast.

Essential interior design project Documents

Get Super Organized: The 5 Essential Interior Design Project Documents You Need

Tiina Wilén

There are some essential interior design project documents that every designer needs. It is better to be well-equipped and organized from the start so that you don't have to scramble and make haste while dealing with potential surprises.

Interior design welcome package

Interior design welcome package – what is it, how to design a great one, and why it matters

Tiina Wilén

Interior design, architecture, remodeling, and furnishing are all luxury services that clients have high expectations for. If there’s anything that ...

Offer suite - what is it and why does it matter?

Offer suite – how to design your perfect offer portfolio

Tiina Wilén

What is an offer suite? An offer suite is a portfolio of products and services that your company offers to ...

how to start a home decor business online

Start A Home Decor Business Online – 5 Simple Steps

Tiina Wilén

Are you wondering how to start a home decor business online? Starting a home decor business online is a great ...

How to define your signature interior design style

Signature interior design style – how to define?

Tiina Wilén

Once you have decided you want to become a well-known interior designer, you need to start your journey towards niching ...

Best home decor brand ambassador programs - hotel collection

Ideas for home decor and wellbeing brand ambassador programs

Tiina Wilén

Being a brand ambassador is a great way to build your personal brand, add an extra revenue stream to your ...

How to be a successful brand ambassador

How to be a successful brand ambassador

Tiina Wilén

Are you interested in becoming a successful brand ambassador? Great, because brands in home decor, furnishing, art, and every possible ...

Marketing Guide For Designers

Marketing guide for designers

Tiina Wilén

Marketing is the most important activity any designer or design brand needs to engage in, however, it’s often quite cumbersome, ...

Licensing for designers

Licensing for designers – pros, cons, and how to go about it

Tiina Wilén

In this article, we’re discussing how licensing for designers works, so you can decide whether that is the right strategy ...