Business and wellbeing – Grow without sacrificing wellbeing

How do business and wellbeing align? How to actually grow your business without sacrificing quality & wellbeing? In this Ultimate Growth Guide article series, I’ll explain what we mean when we talk about business growth that happens without sacrificing these two critical aspects.

Business and wellbeing Grow without sacrificing wellbeing
Business and wellbeing – Grow without sacrificing wellbeing

In this article, I’ll share the element of wellbeing, what it means, why it is so important, and what happens if this is not a priority when growing a business. In the second part, I will share some examples of situations where quality is declining, or the business owner fears that is the case, when they grow and scale…

Let’s dive into wellbeing, what it means, and why it matters!

Why wellbeing matters?

Simply – you didn’t start your business to suffer. I don’t think that anyway 🙂 

I believe you started a business because you 

  • have skills and passion for your thing
  • want to have more control over your time and money
  • want to work less, or at least decide when to work, and when not
  • build a wealthy, healthy lifestyle for your family 

Sounds about right?


The problem: suddenly, you’re grinding out 70hrs weeks for what seems to be no real gain. 

The truth is (at least according to my POV): sometimes it’s necessary. But in the long run… it’s not feasíble. We need to build businesses that fit around the lifestyles we have, families, illnesses, environments, and time we have available for work.

In my case, I’m a mother. The reason I started my first business was, and my biggest driver still is, to be able to be at home when our kids come home from kindergarten (then), and school (today).

How I define wellbeing is to be able to be at home and have lots of quality time with our kids. In my case, business and wellbeing need to hand-in-hand because if I ran my business in a different manner, maybe I wouldn’t be able to offer that presence for our children.

This means that I have intentionally designed my business to run in a certain way.

One day, they most likely are out of our household, and then our life situation likely is very different… I’m sure there will be a redesign in business too!

Now let’s define wellbeing!

Business and wellbeing Grow without sacrificing wellbeing
Business and wellbeing: Grow without sacrificing quality & wellbeing

6 aspects of wellbeing 

There is no consensus around a single definition of well-being, but there is general agreement that at minimum, well-being includes the presence of positive emotions and moods (e.g., contentment, happiness), the absence of negative emotions (e.g., depression, anxiety), satisfaction with life, fulfillment and positive functioning. Source

I’m approaching wellbeing from these aspects:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Social
  • Spiritual
  • Intellectual
  • Economic

“So, what does all this has to do with my business? “

A great deal, I believe. 

Physical wellbeing in business

In order to perform at your top, you need to be physically healthy. This means a lot of things, but in my simple opinion, it means regular movement, enough sleep, and lots of love. 

Emotional wellbeing in business

Emotional wellbeing… entrepreneurship is lonely, and for many, highly emotional. We must learn how to manage our emotions when we grow and lead. 

Social wellbeing in business

Social wellbeing means that you have the ability to build relationships and maintain a support network when you grow your business. 

By the way 

I think it also means that we need to learn to deal with societal expectations about being an entrepreneur. For example: the space is full of people shouting at you about what success looks like. 

I believe you and ONLY YOU can define your own success.

If you look at other people’s definition of success, be it the revenue numbers or which cool publication showcased your work (or didn’t…) your shit is broken. 

You do you.

Spiritual wellbeing in business

Spiritual wellbeing is about believing in what you believe is – and trusting your Nothern Star to lead the way.

Intellectual wellbeing in business

It’s important to gain and maintain intellectual wellness as it helps us to expand our knowledge and skills in order to live an enjoyable and successful life.

Economical wellbeing in business

And lastly – the economical… being able to build the vehicle that allows you to live your life without worry, feel safe, and be able to contribute to the causes that you care about. 

So how do business and wellbeing align?

Deeply, in my opinion. Of course, there are equally many ways of building and growing your business as there are business owners, but in our world, we believe that growing a well-functioning, profitable, and enjoyable business starts with wellbeing.

Business and Wellbeing - Grow without Sacrificing Wellbeing
Business and Wellbeing – Grow without Sacrificing Wellbeing

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