Best interior design business podcasts (2024 edit)

Love podcasts? Me too!

Side note: I think more designers should launch podcasts because it’s such a great medium to share your ideas and process, build industry connections, and get more clients.

We’re launching our podcast soon, but until that, here are my top picks for design entrepreneurs worldwide.

a well design business
A Well-Designed Business

The OG – A Well-Designed Business

My all-time favorite interior design business podcaster is the Original Gangsta – Luann. Her pod has been sharing design business tips, tricks, and advice since 2016, so if you’re new to the pod, you’ll have some catching up to do! LuAnn Nigara shares her 40 years of success in the interior design industry, and she finds the most successful guests to share their interior design business best practices.

Designed by Wingnut Social
Designed by Wingnut Social Podcast

Interior Design Marketing – Designed by Wingnut Social

Darla Powell, a former cop turned successful high-end residential interior designer turned marketing pro for designers has an awesome podcast with mini news; i.e. simple & quick tips for mastering your social media marketing, and longer interviews with designers making it big. Like the Well-Designed Business, this is mainly US-based designers and experts. If you’re in a need of some chuckles and solid marketing tips, Darla is your woman.

Business of Home podcast
Business of Home Podcast

Industry Big Names – Business of Home

There are a lot of fun things happening in the US design market, and Business of Home, the leading Interior Design B2B publication also has a few podcasts. If you want to learn who’s who and what’s happening in the US design industry, then you should listen to these two pods:

Life of an Architect
Life of an Architect Podcast

For architects & architecture students – Life of an Architect

Another great podcast for architects and architect students is the Life of an Architect pod by Bob Borson. He uses the experiences acquired over a 25-year career to inform his podcast.

dear alice podcast
Dear Alice Podcast

Podcast as an interior designer – Dear Alice

If you are looking to start a podcast to attract more of those yummy clients, you should listen to Dear Alice. This is not specifically a design business podcast, but a great design podcast by the founder Jessica Bennett and Suzanne Hall of Alice Lane, a hugely successful interior design firm and decor shop based in Utah, USA. Also, they have lots of design tips for the design interested!

What are your favorite picks for the best interior design business podcasts?

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