Authority Builders – 20 Great Ways Designers Can Build Authority (Even If you’re a Beginner)

Building authority in the interior and decor design industry is crucial for attracting clients, enhancing your reputation, and establishing a successful career. But how do you do that, particularly if you’re a beginner?

Also, many new designers are pursuing their second or third career, bringing a wealth of experience from other fields. Is this you? No worries! I’m going to map out how you can build authority in your niche by leveraging your past experiences, even if they aren’t directly related to design.

Authority Builders - 20 Great Ways Designers Can Build Authority (Even If you're a Beginner)
Authority Builders – 20 Great Ways Designers Can Build Authority (Even If you’re a Beginner)

20 Authority Builders For Designers

Here are 20 effective strategies to help designers, even beginners, build their authority.

Showcase Official Education and Certifications

Highlight your formal education and any professional certifications you’ve obtained in interior design and related fields. But if you don’t have any official certifications, maybe you’ve done project management training, or sales certification in your previous

Leverage Former Employers

Mention reputable companies or well-known designers you have worked for to boost your credibility. Haven’t worked for any reputable designers? Have you worked for a leading company in other fields? That’s a great authority builder!

Highlight Previous Collaborations and Voluntary Work

Discuss your past collaborations with other designers, brands, or voluntary projects that showcase your skills and teamwork. Haven’t done any? Maybe you can look out for a charity project! While I don’t think anyone should work for free for a client, doing a charity project is a great way to build your authority, visibility, and portfolio!

Emphasize International Experience and Language Skills

Have you worked internationally or speak another language? Thay’s great! Share your experiences working on international projects or your ability to communicate in multiple languages, reflecting your versatility and global reach.

Share Interviews and Media Features

Present any interviews or media coverage you’ve received to establish your presence in the industry, or in other industries. The key to building your media coverage is to leverage the ladder methodology, where you start with basically ANY media, and then proceed to more lucrative media opportunities. One way to get media is to become quoted as an expert – and you actually don’t even need to have completed a client project in order to share your expertise!

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Create Your Own Media Channel

This is my key strategy for all businesses – design or not – build a content-led growth strategy, preferably before you even your business! Start a blog, podcast, or even a YouTube channel where you can share design tips, project walkthroughs, and industry insights.

Promote Your Unique Methodology

Highlight any unique design methodologies or processes that set you apart from other designers. This could be a design feature that makes you unique, or a process that elevates your deliveries. Either way – use your unique methodology as one of your authority builders!

Participate in Competitions and Win Awards

Did you know that in order to win a design contest – you need to participate in one? 🙂 Well, obviously, but, many creators feel a bit shy about this, just like about getting publicity. Yes, you can enter design competitions even if you’re a beginner, and proudly display any awards or recognitions you have received!

Publish Books and Articles

Got a book in you? Maybe not yet, but in the long run, you probably do. But, regardless you can or want to write a book or not, you can write articles that get published in different media, or become a trusted source for magazines.

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Share Personal Transformation Stories

Discuss how your design work has transformed your own spaces and life. For example, if you have transformed your own home, you can use that as part of your portfolio and to build you authority.

Present Previous Customers’ Results

Of course, you should showcase the successful results and satisfaction of your past clients to build trust and credibility. But, be mindful of their privacy and always include this into you contract.

Highlight Social Media Followers

Do you have a big following? Mention the number of your social media followers in your marketing.

Create Stories

Create stories of your transformational projects. In fact, as a business owner, you should always practice storytelling!

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Develop a Signature Style or Niche

Finding a niche in the design industry is crucial for standing out in a competitive market. When you specialize in a specific area, you position yourself as an expert rather than a generalist. This expertise makes you more attractive to potential clients who are seeking specific solutions and trust that you have the knowledge and experience to meet their unique needs.

Whether it’s eco-friendly designs, high-end luxury interiors, or minimalist spaces, clients are more likely to choose a designer who is known for excelling in their desired niche.

Create a recognizable design style or specialize in a specific niche, making your work easily identifiable and sought after.

Teach Online Courses or Workshops

Like to teach? Or want to learn? Also, want to add additional revenue stream to your design business? You can create and offer online courses or workshops to share your knowledge and skills with a broader audience.

Join Professional Associations

Become a member of professional design associations to network and stay updated with industry standards and trends. Here’s a list of great associations and organizations for designers globally!

Utilize Client Testimonials and Case Studies

Collect and showcase detailed client testimonials and case studies on your website and social media profiles. In fact, this too should be part of your process!

Invest in High-Quality Marketing Materials

If you’re been part of the Designeur community any given time, you know that we’re all about effective marketing and creating your business assets. We have ready-made Brand Suites you can use, or if you want to design your own, you can find the list of assets every designer needs here: Brand & Business Suites For Premium & Luxury Designers

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Stay Active on Industry Forums and Q&A Sites

Just like with official media, you should participate in industry forums, answer questions on sites like Quora, and engage in discussions to share your knowledge and establish your expertise.

Increase Your Prices

I saved this for last, but this is very important (and slightly uncomfortable for many)… but, having higher prices than your competitors will build your authority in your industry. Why? Because higher prices indicate a premium business and sought-after services, and people tend to want to buy the best.

There you go, 20 ways to build your authority as a designer! What will you implement?

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